Cloud Computing

Integrate cloud computing in your business. Leverage technology and data and realize business growth across all sectors of your company’s infrastructure.

Realize the benefits of cloud computing and experience growth.

Improved Disaster Recovery

The decision to move your business data and infrastructure to the cloud, can make disaster recovery easier and less expensive. In an event something catastrophic may occur, such as hardware failure ( servers, disk drives, switches and other core infrastructure type components), this will have a positive outcome. In addition, auto system backups allowing IT personnel to backup data in the event hardware failure occur.

Expanded Collaboration and Flexibility

Businesses making the decision of moving into a cloud based infrastructure, will most certainly see an increase in employee collaboration. Because of the flexibility of the working environment, many companies tend to have remote employees. As a result, the ability for employees to sync and work on projects, often simultaneously, will allow for real time updates and more productivity. In addition, this technology will consolidates your data, allowing your employees to work from anywhere. This will allow your clients to access data by only having access to the internet.

Environmentally Friendly

Businesses using cloud technology can reduces their carbon footprint by more than 30 percent, by decreasing energy consumption and carbon emissions . For small businesses the saving can be huge in that reaching in excess as far as 90 percent.

NOVA IT Solutions is a Synnex Corporation Reseller Partner, which is A Leading Business Process Services Company.

We sell and provide support for:

  • Hosted E-mail Microsoft Office 365 (Migration and Deployment)
  • Microsoft 365 (including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security)
  • Applications- Google, Microsoft, Dropbox Business
  • GSuite Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Barracuda Networks
  • Cisco, SonicWALL
  • Synology
  • Infrastructure & Business Continuity – Storage (Azure, Dropbox for Business, Barracuda)
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery (Carbonite, Acronis, Azure, Barracuda)
  • Information & Data Management (Azure), Co-location
  • Security – Internet/Web, Network, Endpoint Cloud Protection End Point Protection (Symantec, Webroot, Barracuda)

Cloud Services

SaaS: Software as a Service – This type of public cloud computing delivers applications over the internet through the browser. The most popular SaaS applications for business can be found in Google’s G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.Both offer similar functionality – such as Word processing, Spreadsheets and File Storage – but differ in many respects.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service – This type of cloud computing is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet. Through our partnering with Microsoft, we offer IaaS implementations and support for Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure deliver the availability, security, and performance your workloads require, and that at a fraction of the cost of running them on-premise. Using Azure, Your business will realize up to 435 percent ROI over five years.

PaaS: Platform as a Service – PaaS is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud. It’s resources enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. You purchase the resources you need from a cloud service provider on a pay-as-you-go basis and access them over a secure Internet connection. PaaS is designed to support the complete web application lifecycle: building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.

Microsoft 365 – is an integrated bundle of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security aka EMS. These includes, Intune device management, analytics and some Azure Active Directory capabilities, sold on a subscription basis.

Office 365 – is a collection of apps and cloud services used across devices, sold on a subscription bases.

G Suite – Google’s’ answer to several different productivity problems facing most companies and organizations. More importantly, G Suite offers solutions for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation decks, shared calendars, cloud storage etc. These solutions are provided an affordable rate starting at $5 per month per use.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP) – SEP is an easy to use security-as-a-service that protects and manages PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers. With a single console, SEP makes it easy and can be the ideal solution for organizations with limited IT security resources.

Webroot Cloud Protection – Webroot secure anywhere business endpoint is an intelligent cybersecurity for endpoints and collective threat intelligence.