In computing, virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource (server, storage device, network or even an operating system). The framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments. Using Hyper-V, VMWare or Azure Cloud, your hardware resources will be optimized, will bring Consolidation, Enhanced fault tolerance and Speedier disaster recovery. This will drastically reduce down-time during upgrades or replacements, saving your businesses valuable time and money.

VMWare – VMware Server is a virtualization product that makes it possible to partition a single physical server into multiple virtual machines. VMware server works with Windows, Solaris, Linux and Netware, any or all of which can be used concurrently on the same hardware.

Microsoft Hyper-V – Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform, or ‘hypervisor’. Hyper-V enables administrators to make better use of their hardware by virtualizing multiple operating systems. The Operating Systems will run off the same physical server simultaneously. With Hyper-V, you can virtualize server operating systems in the data center or Windows phone environments on your desktop. It is also a great tool for developers that want a safe sandbox to test software.